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Self-Administered User Profile and Agency Location Address Maintenance
Features User Accounts
  • Agency users choose their own user ID.
  • Agency Administrators create and can edit user accounts, including system permissions and associated subproducer codes. An Agency Administrator may designate an agency user as a Location Administrator.
  • Agency users can change their own user profile (including first/last name, contact phone/fax and e-mail, and title) by clicking 'my profile' in the links at the upper right of the screen. They cannot change their system permissions and associated subproducers.
  • On first use of a newly created user ID, the password is the same as the user ID.
  • You will be prompted to change your password every six months.
  • You can change your password at any time by clicking 'my profile' in the links at the upper right of the screen.
  • Use AccessNow to update your agency office location addresses. In the future these will populate the Agency Locator available to consumers on
  • Users assigned the role of Location Administrator will automatically have permission to AccessNow, but only for adding, editing, and disabling office locations. The agency mailing addresses are maintained separately, for now.
Under Your Control

After registration there are no more forms, and no more phone calls to CSE about user account additions, changes, or passwords. The control of the new sign-on profiles will be given to you, our trusted agents. However, at least one person must register at each agency in order to administer their users. It is the Agency Administrator who will review and accept the Terms of Use. The Agency Admin will use AccessNow to add and update user and location information. Inactive users or closed locations will be disabled using AccessNow.

New Agencies and New Administrators Must Register
  1. The agency owner and/or principal must complete and sign a simple Agency Administrator Registration form agreeing to the Terms of Use.
  2. Return the completed form using one of the options on the form (fax, mail, or e-mail).
  3. CSE Marketing Administration will verify the identity of the registrant and create their sign-on account. Then they will be notified that the new user ID is ready for their use.
  4. The verified Agency Administrator(s) proceed to create user accounts.
  5. Make sure Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is installed on all user workstations.
Delegation of Agency Administrator Role

Agency owners and/or principals may delegate user administration to other agency users. Complete an Agency Administrator Registration form about them and have it counter-signed by the current administrator or the agency owner/principal. Submit the completed form to CSE Marketing Administration for handling.

AccessNow: User Account Administration

AccessNow is available only for Agency Administrators and Location Administrators. Sign on to , then click the 'Agency Users' button in the left nav to open it. Click here for the AccessNow user guide...